"Shri Anandpur Sahib" , one of the glorious religious place is about 30 K.M. from the district HQ Ashoknagar forms the part of Issagarh Tehsil. The institution is influenced by "Advate Mat " . The founder of this institution was Shri Advat Andand ji . He is also known as Maharaj Paramhans Dayal ji .

The place is well surrounded with greenery and natural beauty. The Ashram is situated at near the ranges of "Vindhyachal Mountain" and is the centre of attraction for  its glorious building and pollution free environment.

The development of Anadpur started away back in 1939 and continued till 1964. The institution was established as " Shri Anandpur Trust" on 22nd April'1954. Most of its development took place during "Shri Fourth" & "Shri Fifth Padshai".

"Shri Anand Shanti Bhavan the main part of the monument is constructed with pure white marble. The pillar can be seen  away from this place. The "Satsang.Bhavan" is a huge and attractive place of the monument. It is the centre of attraction for the devotees. The place is a beauty to watch during the autumn season when the garden is full of colorful flowers spread all over the way.

The rest house is available for the tourist who come here from the far flung area . They get a warm welcome with free Lunch/Dinner. There is facility of Hospital, School, Post office, etc.